Pro-ficiency to Demonstrate their Virtual Reality System for Clinical Trials at SCOPE

Pro-ficiency, the simulation training company for clinical trials, will be at the 2019 SCOPE conference in Orlando Florida.
“We are excited to demonstrate the benefits of using simulation training to improve the quality of clinical trials,” said CoCEO Dave Hadden. “Clinical operations is overdue for technology-based enhancement as research costs continue to rise.”

Pro-ficiency is based in Durham, the heart of the Research Triangle and the headquarters of large CROs, medical technology and pharmaceutical companies.
“Our sales are increasing significantly year-over-year, so pharmaceutical sponsors are seeing the value of improving the way they manage sites and investigators in the clinical trial process. It’s important for patient safety and trial efficiency that we use the best technology available” commented Laura Nufire, Pro-ficiency’s Director of Clinical Operations & Project Management.

Hadden continued, “Simulation is the gold standard for other high-risk industries like aviation, surgery and space exploration. At Pro-ficiency, we have cracked the code for bringing these benefits to clinical research and we have dozens of global studies to validate the benefits of this approach. A huge advantage to using Pro-ficiency to train investigator sites is that all staff can be trained, and at any time. The turnover rate at sites is no longer a problem, nor is bringing on additional sites during the trial. And our analytics dashboard can show the CRO/sponsor exactly how sites are doing, areas they need help with (at an individual or aggregated level), and who has or hasn’t completed the training. It’s a vast improvement over the current Investigator Meeting / eLearning model for training.”

Pro-ficiency is on the cutting edge of clinical trial technology and will be demonstrating how virtual reality can be utilized to extend their experiential learning platform even further. “Virtual Reality is closer and easier to implement than you think. It’s portable, immersive and inexpensive now,” commented Dmitri Medvedev, Director of Content Realization.
“Meetings and powerpoints just don’t stick. Introducing on-line simulation training will transform your protocol, GCP, PV and SOP training from a cost center into a powerful human performance management system,” commented CoCEO JoAnne Schaberick.
Pro-ficiency will be at Table 1 in the 2019 SCOPE Conference for Clinical Operations Executive in Orlando.

About Pro-ficiency


Pro-ficiency provides a comprehensive human performance improvement system for clinical trials. We leverage simulation to provide real-word training for sites and subjects. Pharmaceutical Sponsors use Pro-ficiency to initiate trial sites faster and more efficiently and to preempt potential protocol deviations. With the help of Pro-ficiency, sites decrease study time by as much as 30% and Sponsors lower costs, reduce meetings, conduct early protocol feasibility, and predict and avoid study errors.

Press Contact:

Natalie Rosen
Pro-ficiency, LLC
@The American Underground
201 W Main St, #100 (office) – #104
Durham, NC 27701

(919) 245-7870

  • The Pro-ficiency Advantage
  • The simulation-based training system promotes activated and “deep” learning
  • Training available at any time for any site user (and new site staff)
  • “Real-world,” simulated clinical challenges keep the learner engaged and demonstrate their understanding
  • Easily identify engaged sites and site Heroes
  • Analytics show how site staff are doing and predict error
  • FDA CFR 21 Parts 820 and 11-compliant system
  • Training audit trail and smart-certificates (expiration and renewal)
  • SOP, GCP & pharmacovigilance modules available
  • Training can easily be updated for amendments
  • Subtitles in multiple languages available as needed
  • Can replace or augment traditional Investigator Meetings