Prescriptive Analytics

We go beyond predictive with insights that direct action

Data that Drives Action

Pro-ficiency takes our analytics one step further than predictive with prescriptive analytics, answering the question ‘what do we do next’.

The behavior-based performance metrics generated by Pro-ficiency’s suite of tools result in easy-to-interpret analytics reports that not only predict likely participant/learner behaviors, but can also indicate likely mistakes that will be made in real-life. With this kind of data, sponsors can take proactive steps to prevent errors and address individual, team or project risk before it turns into problems.

Targeted Support

Consolidated metrics of team/site performance are invaluable for driving targeted support efforts such as targeted clinical trial monitoring (more time with sites that need it, less for those who don’t), and more focused in-person time. By allowing illustrated gaps to drive in-person efforts, sponsors are saving millions of dollars on travel and out-of-office time while turning face-to-face time into what it should be – meaningful interactions that are memorable and effective.

7.6 Million Saved

Less risk, fewer deviations, better outcomes

Pro-ficiency unique simulation delivery method provides less risk, fewer deviations, and better outcomes for your study.

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