Performance Management Platform

Good Clinical Practice Training for Clinical Research

Ditch Your LMS

It’s time to ditch your LMS. Pro-ficiency offers our next generation learning engine-powered Performance Management Platform that houses complex content as well as any other content you can throw at us. Our Performance Management Platform blows your current LMS out of the water, with simulation, data tracking and beautiful analytics.

Customized, Simulation Experience

Our customized performance platform is the engine that powers the Pro-ficiency simulation methodology. The elegance of our back end system accommodates the spectrum of simple, single-video content deployment through to full choose-your-own adventure style learning in a way that makes immersive, experiential learning and content sharing accessible to any budget and timeline.

Tracking, Analysis and Reporting that Helps You Succeed

Not only is our simulation experience the most performance-focused training on the market, the Pro-ficiency system translates millions of data points into actionable analytics and reporting you need to drive quality, compliance and consistency from clinical trial to commercial drug launch.

Automated Compliance

We’ve automated compliance with the Pro-ficiency Compliance Automation process. With the flexibility to assign modules by customizable criteria, such as role or geography, or as required or optional, distribution of your content is intentional and respectful of the needs of your audience. But when compliance is needed, we’re your champion. The benefits of online content delivery include:

• Remote-activate your sites and projects quickly
• Elegantly handle content changes such as protocol amendments or product updates
• Serve as a single source for content, including 3rd party content
• Eliminate perpetual non-compliance cause by high industry and team turnover


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Contact us to receive a one-on-one
personal tour of the Pro-ficiency platform