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Clinical Trials

Our Proactive solution that sheds light on your protocol

Industry Leading Intelligence

As the industry-leader in effective clinical trial execution, you can rest easy knowing that your clinical trial will run smoothly. We use our own proprietary next-generation learning engine to support your clinical trial at an unparalleled, customized level.


Study Close-OutQuick-access Compliance Reports

Site competency vs. performance analysis

Conversion of key training elements for use in
ongoing research or potential commercialization
Study OperationsOngoing Study Support

Simulation & study support tools
Standardization achieved with new site team
members and global expansion of the study
Refresher training

Elegant Amendment Handling
Targeted updates for sites

Ongoing Compliance Management
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Study Start-upProtocol Optimization
Animated Study Schemas
KOL Identification
SME Consulting Services

Study Training
Simulation & study support tools

Risk Mitigation
Analytics-based risk identification and refresher training

Meeting Support
Targeted IMs and SIVs to reinforce critical learning


The key to effective clinical trial performance is preparation, understanding and ability to execute. At Pro-ficiency, we achieve all three of these through our unique simulation-based approach. Whether we are simulating the workflow of your protocol, a complex procedure, or a potential patient/subject interaction, sites and study teams are able to achieve competency quickly and efficiently. Say goodbye to ineffective and time-consuming slide decks and hello to better and more compliant performance.

Analytics Made Easy

Prevent deviations with a training approach that can proactively identify and help you remedy risk. Learner performance is tracked through simulation-based training, culminating in behavior-based performance reports that drive targeted monitoring, discussion-based IMs and SIVs and documented competency standards (even with site turnover).

Flawless Enrollment

Enrollment challenges are no match for Pro-ficiency. Our simulation-enabled approach gives sites guidance on how to strategically approach enrollment for your study. With companion job aids, sites have on-the-spot support on topics like inclusion/exclusion, helping them deliver on enrollment targets and better meet your study timelines.

Continuing Medical Education

As pioneers in bringing simulation to clinical trial execution, we carry unparalleled insights and expertise in using simulation to address gaps in HCP’s knowledge, competence, and performance that translate to your CME efforts. And with our virtual, simulation-based training method, learners can stay engaged while meeting training needs at their leisure.

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Contact us to receive a one-on-one
personal tour of the Pro-ficiency platform

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Contact us to receive a one-on-one
personal tour of the Pro-ficiency platform