Simulation Training

Pro-ficiency’s signature next-gen learning and intelligence methodology approach.

Better Intelligence = Better Outcomes

Simulation engages participants in case studies and visual representations of complex scenarios to glean behavior-based metrics. Participants are immersed in an engaging situational online experience where they are presented with a scenario and asked to make a decision in a risk-free simulated environment. Learners practice, driving better comprehension and retention of essential information while participants are providing data based more closely on actual real-life scenarios.

For training application, it results in understanding through practice and visual association while for research, it results in practical judgment assessment. In both applications, business leaders are empowered with analytics that guide quality decisions, proactive risk mitigation and targeted remediation.

Predictive Analytics

What if you could predict the success of each site on your study? What if you could generate faster, better documented and more complete compliance for product launch? What if you could drive focused, discussion-based meetings based on documented learning gaps? All of this is possible with Pro-ficiency’s performance dashboards.

Pro-ficiency delivers it all.

Each decision point made during a simulation experience is tracked, collected and presented in actionable performance and compliance reports. The reports provide invaluable insights that can help your team identify potential problems before they affect your project or study timelines and budgets. Results you can’t get from a slide deck and lecture!

Success in Clinical Trials

Pro-ficiency simulation is ideally suited to convey complex protocol details to clinical trial sites (and monitor teams), achieving documented competency standards, reducing protocol deviations, delighting sites and helping sponsors proactively mitigate risk. It’s a win for everyone involved.

Analytics Made Easy

The proprietary Pro-ficiency Performance Management System has been developed specifically to make this unique methodology quick and cost effective to deploy, making this revolutionary intelligence-driving solution accessible to any sponsor wanting to bring their level of human intelligence to the next level.

Flawless Enrollment

Enrollment challenges are no match for Pro-ficiency. Our simulation-based training delivers a comprehensive breakdown of a study’s screening process, ensuring sites are enrolling more subjects and reducing unnecessary loss.

Patient Education: conquering the learning challenges of Clinical Trials! An engaged patient is a retained patient. How do we do that at Pro-ficiency? We apply the same talent for creating relevant engaging scenarios to train your sites, towards creating beautiful engaging materials to involve your patient.

Investigators Love Our Simulation Training Approach

Did the investigators participating in your last clinical trial love their training? Ours did.

Check out the outstanding results from another successful simulation training rollout with over 1,300 participants!

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Contact us to receive a one-on-one
personal tour of the Pro-ficiency platform