About Pro-ficiency

Pro-ficiency’s here to change the future of life sciences.

The pro-ficiency team keeps their eyes on the horizon and strives to apply an attitude of learning, feedback, curiosity and evolution so we stay on top of our game every day.

We treat our clients and each other with respect and dignity, honoring the diverse and unique nature of each team member. We value the contributions of every member of the team and recognize that our first priority is succeeding together.

We prioritize self-care as an essential component of maintaining a healthy and productive team, both in and out of the workplace.

We recognize that our work drives change in life sciences that improves human health and quality of life. We also extend that positivity and passion to our virtual work environment and local communities by being active contributors and supporters of the greater good.

We are focused, driven and steadfast about being the best at what we do and delighting our clients every day. We tap into our collective imagination and creativity to create the perfect blend of art and science.

Clinical Research Pioneers

Pro-ficiency is the first company of its kind in the clinical research field. Since our inception, we have defined and will continue to lead the clinical trial simulation-based training market segment.

Empowering Partners and Sponsors to Achieve Sustainability Goals

At Pro-ficiency, we believe in taking action for a sustainable future. As a fully remote company, we inherently reduce our employees’ carbon footprints, but our commitment to sustainability extends beyond that. Our greatest impact lies in empowering our partners and sponsors to:

  • Reduce carbon footprint through virtual engagement.

  • Optimize in-person interactions for efficiency and productivity.

  • Achieve better results through fewer resources.


We were looking for a novel training method that could truly capture the user’s attention. We chose to work with Pro-ficiency because their training solution was the only one we found that could do this.

Pro-ficiency is significantly better than other platforms I have used for training. The simulation training enables our staff to deeply internalize the critical parts of the protocol.

We should all want pilots to experience these challenging situations for the first time in a simulator, not in flight with passengers and crew on board.

Ranked Best In the World By Investigators

Simply put, Pro-ficiency creates simulation experiences that clinical trial investigators rank as best in the world.

Ina recent survey of 1352 site investigators, 85.5% rated Pro-ficiency as a superior online training experience with 87.2% indicating that the Pro-ficiency simulation experience helped them avoid a protocol deviation.

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Contact us to receive a one-on-one
personal tour of the Pro-ficiency platform

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