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Engaging, Immersive Content

Engaging, immersive content is the foundation of our simulation-enabled methodology and we take professional production seriously. Our full-service production team taps into a variety of ‘tools’ in our production tool chest to create content that uniquely addresses the learning and communication needs of your project.

Our in-house studio allows for rapid production of filmed content (great for soft skills and patient interaction representations), and our animation experts, with the use of our pre-developed 3D rendering of the human body, create beautiful and dynamic scientific content that is custom developed for you.

Through our use of cutting-edge AI-based avatars, we can quickly develop moderated content that also addresses diversity concerns and translation requirements for any form of training.

While simulated content is our cornerstone methodology, Pro-ficiency’s in-house production capabilities keep an audience’s attention while incorporating your brand’s core values across any of our deliverables, whether it’s print, video, simulation, or a space mission.

We are Different 

We’ve been around the learning block. That’s why when we say immersive content, we mean at a whole different level than what you are used to. We create the life sciences training support that drives the performance and results you need. Our immersive content goes above and beyond to drive your trial across the finish line.

Optimize Your Enrollment With Our Expert Enrollment Support

Did your participants love the enrollment support you provided? Ours did.

We take learning to a whole new level by ensuring performance through supportive, timeline and effective job aids and support tools!


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personal tour of the Pro-ficiency platform