Pro-ficiency and Scarritt Group Join Forces to Create Comprehensive Solutions for Virtual Investigator Meetings and Site Initiation Visits

Pro-ficiency and Scarritt Group Inc. are pleased to announce that they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining Pro-ficiency’s unique simulation-based trial training technology with Scarritt Group’s Virtual Conference Center to offer a comprehensive solution for Virtual Investigator Meetings and Site Initiation Visits.

“Since the pandemic, pharmaceutical sponsors have been struggling to replace traditional face-to-face investigator meetings with a virtual solution. To do this effectively, you need to carefully consider all the objectives of an IM and what blend of technology does the best job with each of those objectives,” said Pro-ficiency co-CEO Dave Hadden. “There are three main objectives of an IM: train your investigators, meet them to develop a solid working relationship with them, and build interest and excitement about your study. Virtual-IM™ provides a best-in-class offer that satisfies those three objectives.”

After the training and investigator meeting is conducted, Scarritt and Pro-ficiency offer Virtual-SIV™ which manages all site onboarding activities such as staff training and site inspection.

The combined Scarritt and Pro-ficiency solution offers the best-in-class approach for each of these objectives. Pro-ficiency’s Virtual Study Trainer uses advanced simulation training technology to assess and train investigators to the maximum performance levels possible, and all online and asynchronously. “When the investigator comes to Scarritt’s Virtual Conference Center for the live component of the meeting, we already know their strengths and knowledge gaps so the study teams can focus the meeting agenda on the areas with the highest risk,” commented Adrienne Williams, Scarritt CEO. “Engaging investigators online is hard when you lose the face-to-face component. Our VCC facilitates face-to-face interactions between investigators and study team members to develop those connections. We also use proprietary AI-avatars and live conference facilitators to keep the investigators interested and engaged in the meeting.”

Scarritt and Pro-ficiency have been utilizing these virtual products for over five years. This is not new to them and they have had time to perfect the approach. Together, the companies have conducted over 2,000 virtual investigator meetings and provided virtual study training to over 120,000 investigators.

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