Simulation-Based eLearning: Practical Application for Complex Trials

Our President and Founder, David Hadden, presented “Simulation-Based eLearning: Practical Application for Complex Trials” along with Joseph Stavas from ProKidney at SCOPE 2023. During this presentation they review a past Phase 3 case study, focusing on how they addressed their unique challenges by adopting a simulation-based training approach. And they dive into how leaders and […]

Training Innovation: The single greatest investment to positively impact study quality

SCOPE 2023 AL, United States

Hear David Hadden, President and Founder of Pro-ficiency, share the numerous advantages of simulation-based training in his recent Innovation Showcase at the CNS summit, ‘Training Innovation: The Single Greatest Investment to Positively Impact Study Quality’. It’s one of his most memorable presentations to date!

Visionary Voices: Weathering the Change of Clinical Trials

SCOPE 2023 AL, United States

Come join one of Pro-ficiency’s new board members Jeanne Hecht as she discusses, alongside Pro-ficiency CEO Michael Raymer, the ever-evolving landscape of clinical trials. In this presentation they will cover: The biggest challenges currently facing clinical trials How to address and overcome the root issues surrounding clinical research How training can serve as a tool […]

Disrupting Clinical Research Site Training Through Simulation-Based Learning

SCOPE 2023 AL, United States

In this webinar, Beth Harper, Chief Learning Officer, led a discussion focusing on how simulation-based training is changing the clinical arena. View the on-demand video to discover how simulation-based site training can boost site performance, optimize enrollment, and improve protocol compliance to make the study complexities easier to understand, manage and act upon.