The Art and Science of Our Solution

Pro-ficiency is known for creating the category of simulation training for clinical trials by leveraging our film production skills.  Many do not realize that computer science is also an integral part of our product offering.

The “Art” at Pro-ficiency is led by the Simulation Producer for each project.  They facilitate the simulation design through the Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production stages by working with our Emmy-Award winning executive producer.  Our goal is to create a magical, immersive experience for investigators with the goal of elevating their performance for each clinical trial.

Our solution is not complete, however, without our software platform.  The simulation experience is controlled by our simulation composition platform.  This portion of our intellectual property is our secret sauce.  It allows us to link the simulation vignettes to the workflow that supports the simulation journey for each protocol.   

Our secure cloud-based platform gives access to clinical trial investigators once they are invited onto the network for their specific clinical trial.  All that is required for the investigator is an internet connection and a laptop or tablet.   Once logged in, they can see all clinical trials that they are supporting on their MyAgenda page.

Each sponsor is able to monitor progress on a real-time basis across the globe for their clinical trial.  They can determine which sites are ready for enrolling patients and which might struggle with protocol execution.

The beauty of software is that it can be changed in reaction to customer suggestions, technology advances and market demands.  

Take advantage of the Art and Science of the Pro-ficiency solution for your next clinical trial.

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