Pro-ficiency Selected as Participant in DPharm Idol Disrupt

Pro-ficiency was selected as a participant in the DPharm Idol Disrupt program, hosted at the Disruptive Innovations conference September 28-29, 2021.


Idol Disrupt, now in its 11th year, aims at featuring companies with a disruptive technology or service that would be a changing force for clinical trials. This year, six companies were charged with producing a five-minute recorded presentation, followed by quick-fire questions from a panel of judges to showcase their innovation. Pro-ficiency highlighted the power and impact of their simulation platform during their session.

Pro-ficiency’s mission to eliminate protocol deviations, one study at a time, through the use of their proprietary simulation-based training methodology targets the single greatest FDA inspection finding year over year – non-adherence to the protocol. Simulation achieves this by allowing study sites to practice critical elements of the protocol in a consequence-free environment, improving understanding and retention of the key protocol content. The resulting behavior-based performance analytics help sponsors and CROs proactively address sites, individuals, or even protocol elements that have the highest risk potential.

“With such an innovative group of finalists, we were honored just to be selected to participate in Idol Disrupt,” said David Hadden, President and Co-Founder of Pro-ficiency. “We have the capability to tangibly help the industry by looking at training differently, and Idol Disrupt is the ideal platform to help companies better understand that we’re not just another twist on traditional training.”

About Pro-ficiency: 

Pro-ficiency is a leading provider of tech-enabled training and compliance solutions for clinical trials. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services, including a turn-key offering of customized, virtual training simulations, training and compliance monitoring tools, and real-time data & predictive analytics. For more information, please visit


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