In 2019, the Association for Clinical Research Providers (ACRP), the Industry’s leading provider of career development training and certification, selected Pro-ficiency to be the eLearning and training simulation provider. The partnership brings together two of the world’s leading providers of clinical research workforce development solutions and will empower ACRP to provide a next-generation, competence-based professional development experience to its global network of 50,000-plus clinical research professionals and organizations.

Through this partnership, ACRP members and employers of clinical research professionals have easy access to a full range of eLearning courses essential to the development and maintenance of the knowledge and skills required to successfully conduct clinical research. ACRP and Pro-ficiency are currently investing heavily in creating simulation training modules which will further accelerate the time to competency for entry level clinical research professionals.

If you just have powerpoint slides with someone talking over it, do you get the facts? Yeah. Do you remember them? Maybe. Do they actually know how to implement it? Probably not…

This platform will allow us to create content that is interactive, and people can actually make decisions as they go throughout the program…you learn from your mistakes, which is a great way to learn.

Jim Kremidas

Pro-ficiency is taking
clinical trials to the next level.

ACRP Training Catalog

  • Site Quality Management Tools
  • GCP for the Experienced Clinical Research Professional
  • Key Skills for Ensuring Quality Control through Risk-Based Decision Making
  • Building Quality Management Systems
  • Theory to Practice: Operationalize Your Clinical Study Protocol
  • Mastering the Event Reporting Cycle
  • Drug Development Process
  • Risk-Based Monitoring: The Essentials
  • GCP Test-out Challenge
  • ICH Gap Analysis
  • Ethics and Human Subject Protection: A Comprehensive Introduction
  • Ethics and Human Subject Protection: A Refresher Course
  • ELKA (Entry Level Knowledge Assessment)
  • ACRP Certification Exam Preparation
  • eResearch: Managing Clinical Trials in an Electronic Environment
  • Form FDA 1572: Get It Right the First Time
  • Implementing a Patient-Centered Informed Consent Process
  • Improving Recruitment, Retention and Accrual in Clinical Trials
  • Inspection Readiness: Best Practices for Managing Clinical Trial Inspections
  • Introduction to Clinical Trials 
  • Introduction to Good Clinical Practice
  • Investigator Responsibilities
  • Mastering Budgeting at Your Site: Building and Negotiating Clinical Trial Budgets 
  • Trial Feasibility and Selection: Their Impact on Accrual Understanding Clinical Trial Protocols: Key Considerations for Effective Development and Feasibility Review
  • Using Metrics to Improve Subject Recruitment and Retention