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Pro-ficiency Launches Pf Library to Expand Study Training Service Suite

Pro-ficiency is excited to announce the launch of Pf Library, an innovative online document hosting center that provides convenient access to relevant study resources within the Pro-ficiency platform.  Pf Library seamlessly integrates with the Pro-ficiency training portal, providing a comprehensive platform for training and supporting sites, study teams and Sponsors.

Pf Library offers study team managed document hosting functionality for convenient 24/7 access to relevant study resources and documents. The library offers unlimited file storage capabilities for virtually any type of file, providing clients with flexibility to upload any study-relevant resources including: study manuals, guides, templates, standard operating procedures (SOPs), press releases, webinars, videos, and more.

Each client-managed portal offers optional automatic notifications to learners when new or updated resources are available. Additionally, Pf library has the capability to track utilization and viewer metrics.

“Giving sites a single source for study-related guidance was a natural evolution for Pro-ficiency” said Michael Raymer, CEO of Pro-ficiency. “But we wanted to improve on solutions already available on the market. What we have released with Pf Library is a platform that is easy to access, easy to manage, and easy to navigate, all without complex user fees. When we can remove barriers for sites to access study critical information, we all win.”

For more information please visit our website: https://www.pro-ficiency.com/performance-management-platform

About Pro-ficiency

Pro-ficiency is a leading provider of simulation-based training and compliance solutions for clinical trials. The company provides a comprehensive suite of services, anchored by their innovation in customized, virtual training simulations, training and compliance monitoring tools, and real-time data & predictive analytics. Combined with protocol optimization, process visualization tools and professional production video capabilities, Pro-ficiency achieves improved intelligence for learners and critical risk intelligence for leaders. Learn more at pro-ficiency.com

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