Simulations Plus Has Acquired Pro-ficiency!

Source Code in the 21st Century

Guess what this is. Spirograph? Really complicated Venn Diagram? If you guessed either of those you would have been close. This is actually the “code” for a Pro-ficiency simulation. The dots, “nodes”, all represent a scene in a choose-your-own-adventure style simulation that teaches clinical trial professionals, how to conduct a study according to the study protocol. This is what we get to work with every day. The user navigates the nodes via our front-end interface and makes decisions. Each node plays a short video (10-30 seconds) which unfolds the learning experience. The green dots are correct choices, the red dots are incorrect choices. Yellow nodes are patient encounters and blue ones are a didactic review of the protocol. The nodes can be easily added, moved and deleted for changes and protocol amendments.

Here is another one:

When we designed this tool, we did it to make simulation authoring easy. We never imagined it would be so beautiful.

Dave Hadden

Chief Game Changer, Co-CEO and Cofounder