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The Power of Adaptive Learning

Effective protocol training is essential to the success of any clinical trial, but can be challenging due to the complexity of protocols, presentation of novel procedures and varied staff skill […]

Measuring Training ROI in Clinical Research

Clinical trials are vital to the future of medicine and pharmaceuticals. Many of them are literally matters of life and death, studying the effect of potentially life-saving drugs or researching […]

3 Steps for Reducing Costs and Errors in Clinical Trials

Clinical trial costs are trending upward, driven by a variety of factors, such as increasing trial complexity and rising travel costs for training, meetings and monitoring. While some of these […]

Embrace Innovation to Dodge Rising Trial Costs

The cost of conducting a clinical trial has been rising in recent years and that trend shows no signs of abating anytime soon. And that means that the clinical research […]

Selecting a Study-Specific Protocol Training Strategy

“The right tool for the right job” is a saying that applies in many situations across many industries. When it comes to clinical protocol training, research sites and sponsors need […]

Reducing Study Team Burden with Targeted Training

Booming administrative tasks, customized technology systems and redundant certification and training requirements are among the primary factors that clinical research staff say eats up time better spent with patients and adds excessive burden—often uncompensated—to study teams. Tailoring training to both the protocol not only will better assure a sponsor that each employee at a site is getting exactly the training they need, but it will save research staff the time burden of going through training they don’t need.

Telling Ain’t Training

Whether ensuring GCP compliance or the correct application of a study protocol, training is a critical part of any clinical trial. During the life of a study, there may be […]

Preventing Protocol Deviations With Simulation-Based Training

Protocol deviations can have a devastating impact on the quality and integrity of key study data and potentially affect patient safety. And there can be serious regulatory repercussions for failing […]

Enrolled Subject Training

Clinical trials are becoming increasingly patient-centric. Pro-ficiency has trained tens of thousand of patients in multiple therapeutic areas using it’s ground breaking Pro Patient online training system. Now Pro Patient […]

Make Your Studies More Proficient

Pro-ficiency Simulation Training Pro-ficiency is a simulation-based training platform and site-performance management system. Pro-ficiency mirrors site challenges through simulations of potential subjects to ensure sites are fully trained on the […]