Simulations Plus Has Acquired Pro-ficiency!

Make Your Studies More Proficient

Pro-ficiency Simulation Training

Pro-ficiency is a simulation-based training platform and site-performance management system. Pro-ficiency mirrors site challenges through simulations of potential subjects to ensure sites are fully trained on the mission-critical aspects of protocols. Throughout the training, Pro-ficiency measures site knowledge, skill and engagement. When skill gaps are detected, Pro-ficiency launches a corrective action.

What is Pro-ficiency?

  • Turnkey online platform for all site training
  • Simulations of potential subjects mirrors real life site challenges
  • Captures real-time performance metrics on site readiness, engagement and capability
  • Choose your own adventure-style experience consisting of 100+ 10 to 30 second videos.
  • Skill gaps identified and corrective actions implemented automatically

Pro-ficiency Data dashboards provide real-time reporting on site readiness, strengths and weaknesses, and identifies your site heroes.

The Pro-ficiency Online Platform will transform your training from a burdensome cost center into a powerful human performance management system.

Turnkey Solution:

  • Simulation-based training promotes activated and “deep” learning
  • FDA CFR 21 820/11 and ICH/GCP compliant system and content
  • Can replace or augment traditional Investigator Meetings
  • Training available at any time for any site user (and new site staff)
  • “Real-world,” simulated clinical challenges keep sites engaged and demonstrates their understanding
  • Easily identify engaged sites and Site Heroes
  • Analytics predict errors, engagement, and capability
  • Training audit trail and smart-certificates (auto expiration and renewal)
  • GCP, PV, EDC, Disease State, IP, SOP, Policy, Placebo Effect modules
  • Makes complex amendment management simple
  • Manage site staff turnover through simple dashboards
  • Subtitles in multiple languages available as needed