New Standard in GCP Training Announced by ACRP


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New Standard in GCP Training Announced by ACRP

Immediately Available Free of Charge to ACRP Members

Washington, DC – The Association of Clinical Research Professionals (ACRP) just launched a new Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Simulation training program that sets a new standard for GCP training compliance and competency development.

Developed in partnership with Pro-ficiency, a leading provider of tech-enabled training and compliance solutions for clinical trial investigators and site staff,

 this interactive simulation-based program develops real-world GCP competency while making the learning experience more effective, less time consuming, and more enjoyable.

“As the cornerstone of clinical research, quality GCP training is of paramount importance; yet until today, clinical research professionals have been forced to rely on antiquated training programs that fail to engage learners or develop competency,” says ACRP Executive Director Jim Kremidas. “Starting now, professionals and organizations alike have immediate access to a modern training program that engages learners and develops real-world competency.” 

What makes ACRP’s GCP Simulation unique is its sharp focus on the application of GCP principles rather than the acquisition of knowledge. By immersing learners in a cutting-edge adaptive learning environment, this program builds strength in the critical thinking and decision making needed to apply GCPs in the real world.

“For years we have seen the positive impact adaptive, simulation-based training has on performance and we are thrilled to partner with ACRP to bring this approach to such a critical and ubiquitous component of clinical research training,” says David D. Hadden, Co-Founder and Chief Game Changer, Pro-ficiency. “Further, ACRP’s bold move to make the program available to all ACRP members, combined with Pro-ficiency’s inclusion of the program with all protocol simulation programs, will both increase site staff performance and reduce bothersome training redundancies for study teams.”

Playing the roles of study coordinator, investigator, sub-investigator, research nurse, and study monitor/CRA in a variety of simulated scenarios, course participants develop a 360-degree understanding of GCP principles while practicing the application of associated competencies in a safe environment – before mistakes are made in real studies.

For experienced professionals, this program is an ideal solution for GCP training compliance. With a solid foundation in GCP knowledge and application, experienced professionals should be able to progress through scenarios quickly and efficiently – and get back to work. 

For those new to the field, ACRP’s GCP Simulation offers a fun and engaging way to develop GCP competencies by practicing in a risk-free environment. When course correction is required, coaching is immediately provided – including reference to applicable GCP guidelines and contextualization of associated principles.

For organizations, performance metrics help managers target development needs for their team members and the standard 2-year renewal cycle automates the renewal cycle and ensures teams stay compliant with study requirements. 

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