Lessons Learned from Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick has won six Super Bowls as a head coach in his storied career.  He also has two Super Bowl rings from his time as an assistant coach.   No one else has had the same sustained success as an NFL coach.

Winning as an NFL coach starts with the formation of the roster.  Without the right athletes, there is no amount of coaching that can make up for a deficit of talent.  It is interesting that Belichick places a premium on multi-position players when filling the limited roster spots on his NFL teams.

Early stage, high growth companies have a similar challenge.  There is a need to maximize the impact of each new hire on your team.  Much like Belichick, Pro-ficiency has placed a premium on identifying team members that have multiple skills.

Creating simulations for our customers requires a unique blend of talent combining science, technology and art.  There are multiple members of our team that have strengths in more than one discipline.  This diverse talent pool allows us to deliver exceptional results for our customers.  Who would have thought that a college background in genetics and theater could be put to use by one of our Simulation Producers!

We also benefit from team members that have multiple skills in closely aligned areas like regulatory/legal, marketing/sales and finance/people.  We did not always set out with those job descriptions in mind, but rather were fortunate to attract those candidates during the recruiting process.

In the NFL, changing circumstances of the game can influence what talents might be required to win the game.  The same is true for high growth companies executing on new market opportunities.  Versatile talent can be a real asset when delivering on new innovations.

The Pro-ficiency team is always looking for great talent to deliver exceptional solutions for our customers.

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