Reducing Study Team Burden With Shorter Training

Shorter training is an ever-present item near the top of nearly…

3 Barriers Preventing Clinical Trial Innovation

Although adoption of clinical trial innovations have seen a rapid adoption in the world over the last decade, organizations that lag in adopting new technology and new ways of doing things are more common than not in the clinical research industry. A recent survey by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development (CSDD) indicated that innovations in the clinical trial arena take nearly six years to adopt.

Pro-ficiency’s Commitment to Customer Service

Good customer service starts with a great product. Without that…

Reducing Study Team Burden with Targeted Training

Booming administrative tasks, customized technology systems and redundant certification and training requirements are among the primary factors that clinical research staff say eats up time better spent with patients and adds excessive burden—often uncompensated—to study teams. Tailoring training to both the protocol not only will better assure a sponsor that each employee at a site is getting exactly the training they need, but it will save research staff the time burden of going through training they don’t need.

Mitigating Study Risk With Performance Analytics

Research sites are turning to various types of performance metrics to support risk-based management of clinical trials. “The first step in proactive data monitoring is to identify what is possible to mitigate, eliminate, and accept,” Hughes wrote. “This all forms part of various plans, including those for data, training, monitoring, statistical analysis, safety, medical monitoring, quality, and other functional plans.”

Correcting Site Enrollment In 3 Steps

Patient enrollment is a common subject of discussion among both…

Reducing Protocol Deviations With Training-Based Metrics

Protocol deviations can have a detrimental effect on new drug…

Telling Ain’t Training

Whether ensuring GCP compliance or the correct application of…

SIVs: Identify Skill Gaps Before Retraining

As a former CRA, I have spent the better part of my career mentoring,…

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