Analyzing Protocol Deviations Before Retraining

Protocol deviations can cause significant problems during clinical…

Preemptive Protocol Analysis: Reducing the Need for Retraining

When things go wrong during a clinical trial, retraining of…

Bringing Protocols to Life to Reduce Site and Patient Burdens

In a world where clinical trials are growing larger and protocols…

3 Steps for Reducing Costs and Errors in Clinical Trials

Clinical trial costs are trending upward, driven by a variety…

Developing Protocols For Patient-Centricity

The only sure way to ensure that sponsors can ensure their clinical trial protocols are truly patient-centric is to design that focus into the protocol from the start, using a protocol optimization method such as Pro-ficiency’s Pro-Active Protocol solution.

Simplifying Training Analysis with Pro-ficiency’s New Admin Dashboard

Pro-ficiency has launched an upgrade to our clinical training platform’s Admin Dashboard to provide a single location to view real-time statistics. Our goal? Faster, easier and more intuitive access to key analytics describing both individual and site-wide performance in study protocol training for the dashboard accompanying Pro-ficiency’s training modules.

Embrace Innovation to Dodge Rising Trial Costs

The cost of conducting a clinical trial has been rising in recent…

Decentralized Clinical Trials: Balancing Patient and Site Needs

Decentralized clinical trials (DCTs), including hybrid studies, have become the latest trend in pursuit of more patient-centric trials. But the full value of DCT methods and technologies may be dependent upon specific patient characteristics and individual site capabilities. Rather than assuming that use of DCT methods is beneficial to all patients, for instance, sponsors and research sites might do better to look closely at their specific patient cohorts to determine what individuals in those groups truly need.

Selecting a Study-Specific Protocol Training Strategy

“The right tool for the right job” is a saying that applies…

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